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Reliable, ultra secure digital key solution for independent and branded hotels — tailored to guests and efficient for you

Enhance your guests' experience and ease the workload on staff

OpenKey has the best digital key solution globally

Through robust automated testing in our robotics testing lab, we ensure that our digital key technology is the most performant and reliable in the industry, which means happy guests and less stress on your staff.

OpenKey offers everything you need for easy, reliable digital key

Whether you use our our app or your own app, we can support your digital key solution needs

Digital Key ㅤ➔

Seamless contactless technology

OpenKey SDK ㅤ➔

Add digital key to your existing app

Digital Key Hardware ㅤ➔

Get your hotel rooms digital key ready

OpenKey saves you money

Don’t take our word for it | We’re trusted by world-class clients

We’re #1 — the digital key industry leader

OpenKey is the largest independent digital key provider in the hospitality industry. Our team boasts extensive experience in providing technology solutions to the hotel industry, and we strive to consistently deliver the most cutting-edge, user-friendly, and dependable solutions to enhance your guests’ experience and streamline your operations.

Most reliable digital key
That’s right - thanks to our robust testing and tech, our digital key works flawlessly
We have 50+ partners
Chances are we already integrate with your existing lock or PMS system
We provide expert support
We offer 24/7 support for all our valued clients, with assisted onboarding and tutorials

OpenKey is ready to easily integrate with 50+ PMS providers

OpenKey is all about ease and simplicity, which is why we’ve partnered with over 50 different PMS providers, ensuring compatibility across the globe.

Elevate your guests’ experience in more ways than one

Besides the uber-convenience provided by our digital key, the OpenKey app allows guests to share their keys, view your hotel’s amenities and vital information, access exclusive areas, and so much more.

Plus so many more app features

Control your hotel’s profile

Add your own property information via an easy to use backend so that guests are always up to date

Increase guest satisfaction

Easy to set up and easy to use, the app provides a user-friendly way for guests to interact with your hotel

Connect instantly with guests

The app allows guests to have convenient access to all important information about their stay

Put your best look forward

Showcase branded content and pictures of your hotel rooms, restaurants, leisure areas, and more

Advertise directly in the app

Feature specials and promotions directly on the app boosting engagement directly with guests

Easy guest engagement

We can integrate with many guest engagement solutions, including check-in, chat, requests, dining, and more


Our SDK allows for an easy integration into your hotel’s app

Gain access to all the fantastic benefits of our digital key solution straight into your existing app — just like that!

We have rave reviews from our clients

We value our clients and want to make sure that our super-reliable digital key solution improves their hotel operations, saves them money, and improves their guest satisfaction and loyalty.

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