The modern hotel industry is posed with the challenge of effectively communicating with a younger, digital-savvy customer base while still providing the service and traditional models that guests expect and demand. In our eBook, Omni-Channel Strategies for Hotel Guest Communication, OpenKey has compiled the different components of a comprehensive Omni-Channel strategy that allow hotels to effectively communicate, engage, and convert guests of different ages, affinities, and expectations.


Why an Omni-Channel Approach? 

An Omni-Channel strategy is wide in scope, ranging from the most recent digital means of communication like smartphones, apps, and social media platforms, to long-established channels like telephone and in-person interaction. Without sacrificing efficiency or effectiveness, an Omni-Channel strategy is a deliberate, organized approach that properly equips a brand with both digital and traditional communication models.

Download eBook: Omni Channel Strategies for Hotel Guest Communication 

Proper Design and Implementation

In Omni-Channel Strategies for Hotel Guest Communication, we detail the components and attributes necessary for an effective strategy based on industry best practices. We explain how a comprehensive Omni-Channel communication strategy can be leveraged to specifically address each stage in which a guest engages with your hotel brand: pre-visit, on-site, and post-visit. 

Furthermore, we explain why a generic approach can ultimately be ineffective to properly communicate with a highly splintered digital marketplace.


Useful Best Practices

In OpenKey’s downloadable Omni-Channel Strategies for Hotel Guest Communication, we provide several best practices to help you maximize the communication, engagement, and conversions from an Omni-Channel approach across the entire spectrum of your highly segmented customer base.

We discuss the importance of integrating an app within the overall strategy and how to best leverage its usefulness and impact, while also providing key third-party platforms that can significantly enhance both the utility and performance of your strategy. In addition to these channels, our eBook provides more best practices for communicating with guests through a hotel website, messaging apps, email, telephone and more.


A Practical Guide For a Complicated Marketplace

With OpenKey’s Omni-Channel Strategies for Hotel Guest Communication, hotel brands now have a concise and informative tool to help develop and implement an effective Omni-Channel approach to guest communication and engagement.


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