Webinar: Harnessing the Power of Guest Intelligence

Hardly a day goes by without headlines detailing both the pros and cons for companies that leverage the power of consumer data. In OpenKey’s webinar, “Harnessing the Power of Guest Intelligence,” we discuss the topic with industry leaders from BCV, NAVIS and Preferred Hotels & Resorts to provide a detailed perspective on the benefits and risks guest data presents to the hospitality industry.


The panelists examine the fine line hotels must walk when using guest data across different aspects of operations. As discussed in the presentation, more data isn’t necessarily what hotels should target but, instead, smarter ways of using it. 

Watch the Webinar: Harnessing the Power of Guest Intelligence

Insights from the Leading Edge

Through a frank and thorough conversation about what guest data can do for hotel brands, OpenKey gives viewers important insights from those on the leading edge of the topic – including Steve Johnson, NAVIS Director of Alliances, Benji Greenberg, BCV CEO, and Brian Shedd, OpenKey VP of Marketing and Sales with commentary from Michael Osgood, Preferred Hotels & Resorts VP of Alliance Partnerships. Together, these industry leaders examine the current state of guest intelligence and where it’s heading in the future.

Well-Rounded Best Practices for Guest Data

The webinar discussion highlights several best practices to help hotels intelligently use guest data to maximize booking, profitability and the guest experience. This is primarily accomplished through automation technology, social influence, and various mobile platforms. Throughout the presentation, the need to properly implement guest data strategies is continually highlighted to minimize unnecessary risk to hotels.

Know Your Guests

The webinar concludes with an insightful discussion over the purpose of guest intelligence in the first place – a better understanding of guest expectations and demands. After finishing the presentation, viewers will have a fuller grasp of the impact guest segmentation has on the industry and the best ways to engage those segments to attract more guests and improve the overall hotel experience. Data doesn’t need to be “big” to provide significant benefits to hotels. Instead, hoteliers should aim to use data in a smart and responsible manner.

Watch the Webinar: Harnessing the Power of Guest Intelligence


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