Hotel Automation: Improve Guest Experience, Reduce Costs & Increase Revenue

As competition in the hotel industry intensifies, the need for efficiencies across all facets of operations increases by the day. Hotel automation technology presents several opportunities for brands as they look to improve both efficiency and, most importantly, the bottom line.


Already an innovator in the hotel technology space, OpenKey recognizes this need for automation within the industry. In response, we have prepared an insightful guide on six different areas of hotel automation that can help brands to:

  • Optimize hotel operations
  • Modernize the guest experience
  • Reduce costs
  • Drive more revenue

Download Our Guide to Hotel Automation

A Single Technology for a Variety of Uses

From streamlined platforms that reinvigorate guest communication to a look into the near future and what’s to come, our guide to Hotel Automation defines, describes, and places the different available solutions into real-world scenarios.

We illustrate the benefits provided to guests and hotels alike through automated solutions such as mobile check-in and check-out, energy consumption, voice command technology, mobile room key delivery, room service, and even housekeeping robots.

The Time for Automation Is Now

In our new downloadable guide, Hotel Automation: Improve Guest Experience, Reduce Costs & Increase Revenue, we provide examples of product types that are already available in the marketplace.

Our comprehensive research can greatly inform a hotel’s strategy for more streamlined, less time-consuming processes. In other words, our guide helps hotels arrive at the most suitable automated solutions for any given set of goals and demands.


Let OpenKey Lead the Way

Since 2014, it has been OpenKey’s singular goal to perfect automated mobile solutions for the hospitality industry. Our successes and innovations since those early days have provided us a unique insight into the pivotal role technology plays for successful hotel brands.

With our new guide, Hotel Automation: Improve Guest Experience, Reduce Costs & Increase Revenue, we encourage you to take advantage of our experience and expertise to discover how hotel automation technology can transform your brand into an efficient, competitive, and admirable name for guests and competitors alike.



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