Like all other industries, technology is having a major impact on hospitality. If your hotel doesn’t seize the latest and greatest opportunities, your brand may lose a lot more than market share, as most of these technologies are designed to help you improve efficiency – and your bottom line.
The OpenKey infographic below illustrates six hotel technologies that can make a big difference in both hotel operations and hotel perception.
You’ll learn about Guest Communication technologies, including the benefits of integrating social media and messaging into a single platform. We also cover Mobile Check-In and Check-Out and reveal how much a short five-minute wait can reduce overall guest satisfaction (50%!).
Energy Consumption and Environmental Impact are in the infographic, too, because most travelers would gladly pay more for hotels that commit to positive social and environmental change. And speaking of making a statement, guests will soon be expecting to use Voice Command Technology to control lighting, temperature and the TV. Will your hotel be listening
Since this is an OpenKey infographic, you know we’re including Hotel Room Key Delivery. But it’s not because we’re vain; it’s because it saves you money, it saves you time and it’s a convenience your guests enjoy.

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Finally, we give you a glimpse of the future – Room Service and Housekeeping Robots. It won’t be long before robots are delivering room service, cleaning hotel floors and helping hotels reduce labor costs, save money and provide the level of service your guests will demand in the future. (Which won’t be very different from the level of service they demand today.)

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