The Hotel Owner’s Guide to Cutting Operating Costs

Everyday, it seems, the number of available hotel rooms is growing and the profit margins on those rooms are shrinking. To stay on top of the situation, smart hotel owners constantly evaluate every facet of their operations, always looking for ways to save money and reduce overall costs.


We thought we’d provide some ideas to help hotel owners save throughout the hotel. In this eBook, we’ve identified a number of saving opportunities, including in the following areas:

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Front desk labor management

Smartphones and hotel apps offer a number of ways to reduce the workload for your front desk staff. Mobile check-in/out can reduce or eliminate long lines of guests. And a mobile key solution will keep guests from stopping by to replace lost key cards. These technologies may be enough to allow you to reduce the staff, or, at least, free them up to do more important tasks.

Energy use and automation

You don’t need technology to cut down on energy use, but it can help. You can now install thermostats with occupancy sensors that automatically raise or lower the temperature in a guest room when it’s vacant. On a more organic level, simply installing towel reuse signs in guest rooms can cut labor and energy costs by as much as 17%.

Housekeeping labor

Streamlining scheduling and having a flexible workforce can make a big dent in your housekeeping expenses. For some hotels, depending on size, it might even make sense to outsource this department completely.

Download Our Guide to Cutting Operating Costs

These and other cost-cutting ideas are worth considering, and The Hotel Owner’s Guide to Cutting Operating Costs is worth reading more than once. Any one of the suggestions in our eBook could help a hotel owner reduce his or her operating costs substantially.

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