Webinar: How to Personalize the Hotel Guest Experience from Search to Stay

A personalized guest experience has become a necessity for hotels to compete in the digital age we live in. This is especially true when catering to younger guests, as 83% of millennials place so much value in a personalized experience that they would allow brands to track their habits if it resulted in a more customized guest journey.

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To help brands address this, OpenKey CEO, TJ Person, participated in a webinar focused on key insights to enhance the guest experience through personalization. Person was joined by fellow industry experts StayNTouch CEO, Jos Schaap, and TravelClick VP of BI Product Management, Noah Borenstein.

Watch Webinar: How to Personalize the Hotel Guest Experience

Our webinar, How to Personalize the Hotel Guest Experience from Search to Stay, gives hotels a comprehensive look at the challenges they face when tackling personalization and what’s needed to overcome them.

Leveraging Guest Data

Guests will provide you with most of the data and insights needed to create a personalized hotel experience as long as you give them enough incentive. In the webinar, these industry experts discuss several ways hotels can gather and leverage data to their benefit, including:

  • Three primary guest personas and how to tailor messaging for each of them
  • How to identify and cater to the specific guest expectations of various segments

In addition, our industry experts detail how hotels can use guest data to personalize various components of the stay experience in specific terms, including marketing, communications, and guest services. They also provide tips and strategies around:

  • Progressive profiling
  • Personalized content
  • Engagement at each stage of the guest experience
Using Technology to Personalize the Guest Experience

In the webinar, our experts also explain how technology can be utilized to personalize the guest stay through increased engagement and mobile accessibility. Viewers will learn how powerful technologies like mobile key, cloud-based PMS, in-room concierge devices, and hotel mobile apps can create further value for guests.

Finally, OpenKey’s webinar reveals three questions that hotels should ask any technology vendor they are considering. Be sure to integrate these questions into your vendor qualification process.

Watch Webinar: How to Personalize the Hotel Guest Experience

How to Personalize the Hotel Guest Experience from Search to Stay provides hoteliers much-needed guidance to compete in today’s hospitality industry. As you’ll see, guest data and technology play a pivotal role in personalizing the guest experience. This webinar will help you leverage these tools to customize how you interact with various guests across the entire hotel experience.

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