4 Things Every Hotel Guest Wants to Hear (Or See)

4 Things Every Hotel Guest Wants to Hear (Or See)

Every hotel guest wants different things. One patron is tired from all-day meetings and can’t wait to kick up their feet and cozy up with fresh linens.

Another journeyer is fresh off the plane, abound with excitement—after all, they’ve been saving up for this moment—their first vacation in 15 years.

Whatever the reason for guests entering a hotel, they all have a few common expectations: They’re anticipating some rest and relaxation.

Hotel staff are an integral piece of the relaxation machine. We all know that a sour front-desk experience can quickly flip a guest from cheery to agitated, and this can spiral into complaints, and worse—an unpleasant trip.

Instead of an average hospitality experience, impress your guests with these four things the moment they step into vacationland.

4 Things Every Hotel Guest Wants to Hear (Or See)

 Their Name 

A hotel guest wants to be remembered. A little bit of personal connection goes a long way. And nothing says “I’m here to help” like addressing someone by their name. 

Whether it’s a guest’s first or 50th time visiting, working their name into your initial greeting and naturally throughout the rest of the conversation breaks down the travel exhaustion and creates a friendly atmosphere, gently easing the guest into their temporary new home.

“We Have Something Extra for You.”

Adding on a few unforeseen extras is a dynamic way to shape your guest’s experience into a positive one. And we’re not talking about throw-away freebies like chapstick or stickers—items like these are considered an annoyance to some and may end up in the trash.

Exceeding your guests’ expectations with a few complimentary bar drinks, technology advancements like keyless entry, or even a free room upgrade is a welcome surprise. And bonus gifts land hotels bonus points—in the form of staunch brand loyalty.

A Smile

Even though it’s an obvious tool, smiles are a hospitality weapon not utilized as much as they should be. 

Recent studies from Science Daily provides overwhelming proof that smiles are, in fact, contagious. When your guest arrives to a smile, you’re setting the wheels of happiness in motion for the rest of the trip by passing along your own elation. Don’t hide your pearly whites until it’s time for Instagram photos—unleash them to create a rising tide of happier guests.


Even after a short time working in hospitality, it can be easy to tire of constant benevolence. But one factor that can zap you back into clemency is putting yourself in the client’s shoes. Think about your past (or future) vacation, and think about how you’d expect the staff at other hotels to treat you. 

Each client has a story, and each story comes from different parts of the world. Do your best to connect with each guest and make their chapter at your lodging one fit for a good book.

by Morgan Sliff

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