How Much Does it Cost? And Other Frequently Asked Questions From Hoteliers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the monthly cost?

  • OpenKey has pricing plans available for every budget depending on your properties needs. For information on pricing plans please visit

Does OpenKey integrate with my PMS?

Does our Hotel have to purchase all new locks to use OpenKey app?

  • No, Mobile key requires that a guestroom lock have Bluetooth capability to enable the lock to communicate with a guest smartphone.  Adding Bluetooth capability to an existing lock used to mean replacing the lock, but innovative new technology from mobile key providers such as OpenKeynow allows hoteliers to upgrade any existing lock to add mobile key capability with a Universal BLE Upgrade Module.  This module is designed for self-install and provides an economical way for hotels to offer the benefits of keyless entry.  Many lock manufacturers also offer a BLE upgrade for newer RFID locks that can be used to add digital key ability.

How does the guest check-in using the app?

  • Guests simply download the OpenKey app to their smartphone and register one time with their name and mobile number. The HOST system will send the guest a verification number to sync with their reservation and provide a mobile key to their room.  

Can guests make alterations to their reservation and/ or pay for their stay through the OpenKey app?

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Can our hotel message with the guests via the app?

  • OpenKey partners with the industry leading messaging platforms to provide guest chat through the OpenKey app. These partners include Kipsu, Go Moment, Whistle, Cendyn, etc.

What kind of support does OpenKey offer?

  • OpenKey provides 24/7 support. We also have training videos inside our knowledge base.  Please visit our support page for more information:

What does the timeline look like if we wanted OpenKey software within our hotel asap

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How many hotels is OpenKey in currently? Are there any in my area?

  • OpenKey’s mobile key technology can be found in over 300 cities and 50 countries; including most major travel destinations in the US such as NYC, Chicago, Boston, San Diego, San Francisco etc.

Is OpenKey approved by brand/corporate?

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Where is OpenKey located?

  • OpenKey is headquartered in Plano Texas and we recently opened a second office in Shanghai, China.

Can a guest access the same room via key card or mobile key for the same reservation

This is a common request often faced by the Front Desk Agents at our client hotels.  Team members can issue both traditional key cards and mobile keys for the same reservation as long as they understand the following criteria:

  • Mobile keys will always act at the “Main” or “Master” keys, which will cancel out any other existing key for the room.
  • Mobile keys are not finalized until the guest DOWNLOADS the key to their device.  
  • RFID keys must be made as “Additional” or “Joiner” keys after the mobile key has been issued and downloaded by the guest.
  • If issuing both types of key at check-in, team members should inform the guest that the traditional key will need to be reprogrammed once they download their key.
  • If you have any additional questions regarding issuing both plastic keys and mobile keys, please contact