15 Quick and Easy Travel Hacks for 2020

Everyone can use some great ideas when it comes to making travel simpler and hassle free.  We’ve compiled some of the most unique and effective travel hacks to make your next trip a better one.  Start 2020 off with some better travel habits and make this year one to remember with your new ninja travel skills.

1. Open lids of liquids and place a small piece of plastic wrap underneath to create an airtight seal and prevent leaks in transit

2. Roll your belts and put them inside your shirt collars to keep their shape

3. Roll your clothes when packing and get 3x more in your luggage

4. Take a photo of your important documents (ie, passport) and text it to yourself

5. When traveling internationally, download Google maps offline prior to the trip

6. When traveling internationally, download a currency converter app before travel

7. Take a photo of your parking spot in the airport so you don’t have to remember

8. Request a ‘Fragile’ tag for your checked luggage so it winds up on top

9. Use an empty Chapstick tube to save emergency cash discreetly

10. Spiff your flight attendant with a treat to get better service and perhaps free booze

11. Use ATMs to get local currency. They usually have the best exchange rates.

12. Place a cotton swab inside blush, eye shadow and powder foundation to prevent cracking during travel

13. Ask the front desk of your hotel for an adaptor if you forgot to pack one – they usually have a few to lend for guests just like you

14. Use a hard eyeglass case to store your headphones and charger cords

15. Roll your socks to save more space