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Hotel Royal Oak is a 50’s motor lodge reimagined as a boutique hotel. During the height of the pandemic, they were short staffed so had to  use lockboxes. There were a limited amount of lockboxes so only so many rooms they  could sell. Guests were getting locked out by leaving the key in the room and staff would have to come up to the hotel at all hours of the night to let them back in. They knew they needed a solution to better manage their guests and staff so looked to OpenKey as they were looking for a provider who offered contactless check-in and being able to provide all the hotel information in one spot.

"I LOVE OpenKey. It has made my job a million times easier! It's so easy to get set up and the support is AMAZING"

Holly Brasure  | General Manager of Hotel Royal Oak

Holly Brasure

General Manager - Hotel Royal Oak

OpenKey was able to work with Holly and her team on upgrading their existing Kaba locks to make them Digital Key ready with our BLE Upgrade Module

OpenKey’s Digital Key solution was so easy to set up and use, the support is AMAZING,” said Holly Brasure the General Manager of Hotel Royal Oak.  “I love that I can see that a guest was able to get into the room successfully and that they can check out on their own. It makes it nice for the housekeepers to know they can clean a room early instead of having to wait till check-out time.

Our guests love the tech and that they are able to get  the WIFI info on their phone, free breakfast at the restaurant next door as well as drinks & apps at the bars and restaurants we are partnered with,” said Holly.

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