Adrift Hospitality and Openkey’s Innovative Partnership

Adrift Hospitality and Openkey's Innovative Partnership

DALLAS, TX, September 22, 2021– OpenKey, the industry standard for universal Digital Key in hotels, is excited to announce its partnership with Adrift Hospitality, a collection of boutique coastal properties in the Pacific Northwest. With OpenKey’s commitment to transforming contactless hospitality experiences through digital key technology, and Adrift’s initiatives to provide guests with contactless services across their portfolio, this partnership will drive innovation in the hospitality industry.

Adrift Hospitality strives to deliver inspiring, authentic, and fulfilling experiences while creating a positive impact for guests, employees, and surrounding communities. As a part of that mission, Adrift has dedicated its efforts to adopting next-generation technology to unburden hotel staff while delivering the convenience and safety of a contactless experience to guests.

OpenKey’s Digital Key technology provides hotels with a unique opportunity to improve customer service through contact-free check-ins. By eliminating the need for physical room keys, Digital Key accelerates the check-in process and delivers a more seamless guest experience. In addition to digital key, OpenKey offers seamless integration with StayNTouch, giving guests the option to bypass the front desk to ensure a complete contactless journey.

In partnering with OpenKey, Adrift offers guests a peek into the future of hospitality. OpenKey delivers the intuitive, user-friendly technology necessary to streamline tasks for Adrift’s front desk staff while enhancing guest satisfaction. “Partnering with OpenKey has empowered us to take our customer service to the next level,” said Adrift Hospitality CEO Tiffany Turner. “Through contactless check-ins and digital keys that work flawlessly with our PMS, we’ve unburdened our staff while doing more for our guests.”

Discussing the success of the partnership, OpenKey Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Jacob Liggett, said “OpenKey and Adrift are both committed to moving the hospitality industry forward and delivering the most convenient, enjoyable, and safe experiences for guests. I’m excited for this relationship and our ongoing success in developing the technology hotels need to do more for their guests while simultaneously increasing hotels’ efficiency.”

About OpenKey

In 2014, OpenKey set out to perfect mobile access. Since then, the OpenKey team has helped hotels and resorts around the world develop a guest experience they can enjoy as much as their guests do. We work with existing platforms to advance your property into an exciting new era of customer engagement. Our dedicated staff provides a seamless transition to keyless entry, remote check-in, hotel-specific apps, and much more, all tailored to your property and your guests. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. For more information, please visit

 About Adrift Hospitality

Adrift Hospitality is a collection of coastal boutique hotels, restaurants, and a craft distillery, and is headquartered in Long Beach, Washington. The mission of Adrift Hospitality is to inspire and engage its employees, guests and the community, to live and connect with each other and the environment through an authentic, fulfilling and fun experience, creating a positive impact on both people and place.

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