The Eco-friendly Digital Key that will Save Hotels Money

Eco-friendly digital key that will save hotels money infographic

As the world turns eco-friendly, hospitality does too. Hotels are getting rid of plastic keycards in exchange for what is the technology of the future: Eco-friendly Digital Keys.

73% of guests prefer to skip the front desk and 60% are likely to choose a hotel that allows them to check-in from their smartphone. With OpenKey Digital Key, guests can bypass the front desk and go straight to their rooms once they arrive at the hotel. Digital Key allows guests to check-in prior to their arrival via their phones, request room changes, stay extensions and check outs, and more. A 250-room hotel with a 50% average key return rate and 80% occupancy spends over $18,000 annually. 

Maximize Cost Savings with Reduced Waste with Eco-friendly digital keys

Want an idea of how much your hotel spends per year on keycard replacement? Check out our key cost savings calculator 

Hotels can save up to $5.7 million in 3 years and millions on plastic waste by switching to digital key.

Improve your Hotel’s Sustainability
Along with enhancing safety, efficiency, and security, Digital Key gives you an easy way to improve your hotel’s sustainability. Consider how much plastic alone is used in the production of keycards. Now, consider how often cards are lost or damaged. On average, 15-20% of magnetic keycards will be accidentally demagnetized by guests or malfunction for other reasons. And, even with a replacement rate as low as 50%, with an average of two keys per stay, you could easily lose as many as 36,500 keys per year. Eliminating plastic keycards is just one way to cut down on your hotel’s operational costs

That’s a lot of plastic that can’t be reused and likely won’t be recycled. By empowering guests to use their phones to access their rooms, you can cut down on the waste that goes to landfills each year and decrease your hotel’s carbon footprint while giving guests a more streamlined experience.

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