How to Sell Digital Key to Skeptical Guests

How to Sell to Skeptical Guests

What do you do when a guest is hesitant about Digital Keys and would rather stick to key cards? In our experience working with hotels around the world, the majority of guests are quick to adopt Digital Key technology without hesitation. They embrace the convenience and enhanced security that come with using their phones as their hotel keys instead of having to keep up with plastic key cards or stop by the front desk. However, like almost any new technology, some people are skeptical. 


survey conducted in 2020 found that 80% of guests said they would be willing to download an app to get access to mobile keys for their rooms. They appreciate that a simple download can save them time by allowing them to bypass check-in and go straight to their rooms. While the majority of guests are ready for Digital Keys, though, it’s important to address any hesitancy that some guests may have about the technology. Fortunately, if you understand their concerns, you can find ways to reassure them and show them the benefits that Digital Key technology offers. 


Highlight the convenience of Digital Keys


You can avoid a lot of hesitation from guests around Digital Keys with your initial messaging. Introduce the concept of Digital Key technology by talking about the convenience of eliminating the need for a key card. Key cards often get lost; guests forget them when they leave their rooms; or they may not be encoded properly when issued at check-in. This results in repetitive and frustrating trips to the front desk, where guests may have to wait in line to get a replacement key card to get back in their room. 


Digital Keys eliminate all of these frustrations. Plus, if you integrate Digital Key with your hotel’s PMS, you can automate key delivery to allow guests to skip check-in the front desk completely. Show your guests how this technology can create a more streamlined, relaxing experience from check-in to check-out. 


Discuss the benefits of OpenKey’s guest key sharing feature


Another benefit to highlight is the ability to share keys with everyone in your main guest’s party. Once the primary guest has downloaded the app and accessed their Digital Key, they can immediately share room access with multiple members of their party. This eliminates the need to ask for additional keys, and it significantly reduces the risk of lost or stolen keys during their stay. With a simple download, guests can ensure that they always have easy access to their rooms – without the security concerns that come with key cards. 

Create attractive promotions in the OpenKey app


To some guests, downloading an app can feel like a chore, another step they have to take before getting to their room and settling in. If the convenience of using their phone as their key isn’t enough incentive to download and use the app, why not make it more attractive to them with in-app promotions?


Adding a promotion takes only a few quick steps, and OpenKey app promotions are only visible to guests with an active Digital Key. This provides an opportunity to incentivize guests to use Digital Keys instead of key cards by making these offers exclusive to Digital Key users. Consider offering discounts on spa services, happy hour deals at your hotel’s restaurant, and other perks – all exclusively available to guests who opt for Digital Key. 


Customize your OpenKey profile 


Similarly, you can tailor your guests’ OpenKey app experience by customizing your profile to fit your hotel’s offerings. For example, we recommend giving your guests the ability to make a reservation for your hotel’s restaurant directly in the OpenKey app. Show them this option at check-in to highlight another convenient feature that they get when they download the app and use Digital Keys. By adding features with tangible benefits like this, you create more of an incentive for guests who would otherwise be hesitant to download an app just to get a Digital Key.


In conclusion: Give guests reasons to love Digital Keys


Even the most skeptical guest can see the advantages of using Digital Keys instead of keycards – with a little help from you and your marketing team. Be a resource for guests to learn how the OpenKey app works, how to use it, and the additional benefits it offers. Show them all of its capabilities, like sharing Digital Keys with other guests and accessing special offers. Customize your hotel’s app to do more than allow room access. Give guests the power to book a table and take advantage of attractive promotions – all at their fingertips. 


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