The Hotelier’s Guide: 7 Guest Types and How to Win Them Over

In today’s ever-evolving travel landscape, hoteliers must understand and adapt to the diverse needs of their guests. From tech-savvy millennials seeking authentic experiences to baby boomers yearning for relaxation, recognizing the distinct characteristics of each traveler persona can elevate the guest experience and position a hotel as a preferred choice for all kinds of travelers.

  1. Trendsetting Travelers (Millennials & Gen Z)

Travel is more than mere movement for these cohorts; it’s an entire spectrum of experiences. Growing up in the digital age, their expectations are molded by the tech-driven world around them.

  • Local Cultural Experiences: These travelers thrive on exploration. Augment their journeys with immersive local experiences such as guided city walks, artisanal workshops, or events celebrating local traditions.
  • Tech Integration: Digital life is second nature to them. Features like intuitive mobile apps, AI-enabled chat services, mobile check-in with digital key, and virtual concierge services seamlessly merge into their expectations.
  • Sustainable Practices: Their global consciousness often sways them towards eco-friendly lodging options. Showcase initiatives ranging from green energy utilization to support for local artisans.
  • Social Media Engagement: It’s not just about the stay; it’s about the ‘share’. Creating Instagram-worthy spots within the hotel, be it an artsy corner, a rooftop with a view, or themed rooms can drive social media traction.
  1. Golden Era Explorers (Boomers)

Having traversed through transformative decades, their travel aspirations combine elements of nostalgia with the desire for genuine experiences.

  • Loyalty Programs: Tap into their loyalty by proffering tiered membership benefits, unique events, and bespoke experiences during their stays.
  • Relaxation and Authenticity: Elevate their stays with calming spa therapies, mindfulness sessions, and intimate local excursions.
  • Personalized Services: They value a human touch. Ensuring that guest services take an extra step, be it through customized room settings, personal greetings, or remembering small preferences from previous stays, can make a big difference.
  • Easy Accessibility: Boomers might appreciate services that reduce physical strain. Think of shuttle services, rooms optimized for mobility, or guided tours that are not physically strenuous.
  1. Familial Wanderers

These travelers view journeys as a canvas for crafting cherished memories and family bonding.

  • Diverse Activities: Enrich their stay with offerings like open-air movie nights, child-friendly culinary workshops, or collective family adventures.
  • Childcare Services: While parents relish their moments of tranquility, certified childcare amenities or engaging kids’ zones can be a perk.
  • Proximity: Comprehensive guides spotlighting nearby family attractions or efficient transit options can streamline their exploratory plans.
  • Interconnecting Rooms: Family-oriented room options, such as interconnecting rooms or family suites, provide the right blend of togetherness and privacy.
  1. Cultural Nomads (Gen Z)

Immersed in the digital realm, every experience holds the potential of a social media highlight for them.

  • Collaborations: Partnership with local creators for in-house exhibitions, craft sessions, or even impromptu art corners can captivate their interest.
  • Localized Experiences: Engage them with indigenous music performances, local lore narrations, or sessions echoing regional artistry.
  • Trendy Decor: Ensure parts of the hotel have trendy, Instagram-worthy spots for the perfect photo.
  • Digital Integration: Seamless online booking experiences, AR-driven hotel tours, or QR-code based information desks.
  1. The Corporate Voyager (& Leisure Enthusiasts)

Business travel for them often blurs the line between work and leisure.

  • Weekend Packages: Entice them to extend their trips with curated local exploration packages or gourmet journeys.
  • Co-working Spaces: Craft spaces that merge relaxation with productivity, complete with robust internet connectivity, power hubs, and serene work zones.
  • Networking Events: Organize mixers or social evenings where guests can network, ideal for solo business travelers.
  • Quick Recharge Zones: Areas with quick snacks, refreshments, and relaxation zones for those short breaks.
  1. Conference Enthusiasts

Time-bound schedules underscore their trips, but they also cherish unique relaxation avenues.

  • Tailored Events: Post-conference experiences like sommelier-led wine sessions, acoustic nights, or concise city jaunts can offer a refreshing breather.
  • Exclusive Packages: All-encompassing deals bundling rapid laundry services, gourmet breakfast spreads, and streamlined transport arrangements can offer unmatched convenience.
  • Tech Support: On-hand tech assistance for last-minute presentation tweaks or business center needs.
  • Flexible Dining: Offer 24/7 dining options or pre-packed meals for those rushing off to early morning or late-night sessions.
  1. Wellness Enthusiasts

Their travels are steered by holistic well-being and rejuvenation.

  • Sanitation Protocols: Elevate their experience with room-fitted air purifiers, hypoallergenic bedding, or curated aroma therapy selections.
  • Wellness Packages: Offer invigorating packages such as sunrise yoga sessions, curated detox menus, therapeutic spa treatments, or nature immersion walks.
  • Fitness Facilities: Beyond the typical hotel gym, offer specialized classes such as pilates, aerobics, or even dance. Consider spaces for outdoor workouts, from jogging trails to open-air yoga platforms.
  • Mindfulness Spaces: Create quiet zones or corners for meditation and contemplation. Infuse these areas with calming fragrances, soft lighting, and perhaps the gentle sounds of nature or soothing music.

The eclectic mix of today’s travelers offers a dynamic landscape for the hotel industry. If hotels can truly understand what these travelers want and create special experiences for them, they can become more than just a place to stay. To be successful, hotel owners should pay attention to these different needs and come up with creative solutions.

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