The Eco-friendly Digital Key that will Save Hotels Money

Eco-friendly digital key that will save hotels money infographic

As the world turns eco-friendly, hospitality does too. Hotels are getting rid of plastic keycards in exchange for what is the technology of the future: Eco-friendly Digital Keys. 73% of guests prefer to skip the front desk and 60% are likely to choose a hotel that allows them to check-in from their smartphone. With OpenKey Digital […]

Forget Keycards: 6 Reasons to Stop Using Them in 2022

Forget keycards: 6 reasons to stop using them

It’s no secret: No one likes keycards. Your guests don’t enjoy using keycards, especially when they don’t work the way they’re supposed to. And your staff certainly don’t like the added work needed to recode cards after one is lost or stops working. Hotels everywhere are ditching physical keys altogether. Let’s take a look at […]

3 Ways Technology Can Help Boost Hotel Staff Retention

3 ways technology can help boost staff retention

It’s no secret that the hospitality industry is facing significant challenges with hotel staff retention and shortages. As we emerge from a global pandemic, guests are eager to travel again. Yet they are also more cognizant of safety, sanitation, and health precautions. Fortunately, with help from key technologies, hotels can improve guest satisfaction while increasing […]

6 Ways To Lower Hotel Operational Costs In 2022

6 ways to lower hotel operational costs

Cutting down on operational costs could significantly boost your hotel’s bottom line. With prolonged, slow recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitality markets across the United States are getting more crowded than ever before. Simply put, at any given destination throughout the country, there are more hotel rooms and short-term rentals than ever before. Online price […]

4 Simple Ways to Increase App Adoption for Hoteliers

4 simple ways to get guests to download the app.png

Mobile technology is taking over the hospitality industry. According to recent statistics, the number of smartphone users worldwide surpassed six billion in 2021. And, along with rising smartphone usage, TechCrunch reports that people are now spending more than 4 hours per day using smartphone apps. These statistics alone should tell you why app adoption is […]

6 Ways to Attract More Customers and Boost Customer Retention

6 ways to attract more customers blog

Customer retention isn’t just important – it’s essential to the success of almost any hotel in the world. According to numerous studies, attracting a new customer can cost significantly more than to retain customers. Likewise, repeat guests are more likely to act as evangelists for your brand, and they tend to spend more on hotel […]

Contactless Check-in is the Future of Hospitality

Contactless Check-in is the Future of Hospitality

You’re always looking out for your guests’ safety, comfort, and convenience. In a pre-COVID world, this meant focusing on human interaction and in-person concierge services. Today that focus has taken a necessary shift to protect the health of your guests and staff. As a result, hotels around the world are finding ways to remove physical […]

The Top 6 Hotel Guests You Need to Attract

6 top hotel guests to attract

How can you attract more guests? Better yet, how can you attract and cater to the right guests? If your hotel is located in an attractive tourist destination, you’ll naturally want to cater to tourist groups. But, as you start those efforts, should you be working to attract young adults on solo trips, big groups, […]

Transitioning towards a keyless future with Digital Key

Transitioning towards a keyless future

Why should your hotel make the switch from keycards to Digital Key? Let’s take a look at the numbers. According to a recent Pew Research survey, 95% of adults in the U.S. aged 30-49 own a smartphone. Among older adults, 83% of people aged 50-64 are smartphone owners, and unsurprisingly, 96% of people in the […]

How to Set Your Hotel Ahead of the Competition with Innovation

How hotel innovation will put you on top blog

How to Set Your Hotel Ahead of the Competition with Innovation How can you set your hotel apart from the competition? The key to success may be simpler than you think. With the right tech innovations, you can create a 21st century experience that’s seamless and luxurious – with details that your guests won’t soon […]