How to Make Holiday Travel Safer with Hotel Technology

Your guests’ safety is your top priority. While the COVID-19 public health emergency is less of a concern than it was in 2020, health and sanitation concerns still linger. You want to protect your guests and enhance their stays, ensuring that they have the best possible stay at your hotel. That means taking precautions and […]

4 Telltale Signs it’s Time to Upgrade Your Hotel’s Technology

Hotel Technology

Is it time to upgrade your hotel’s technology? Take a moment to think about your day-to-day operations, guest interactions, and services. While there is are always opportunities for improvement, how can you determine where to prioritize your tech budget? From streamlining staff scheduling and cleaning schedules with automation to offering features like contactless check-in with […]

5 Reasons Top Boutique Hotels are Embracing Tech

The hospitality industry is notoriously slow to embrace new technologies and automated systems. And, traditionally, this has been especially true of independent, boutique hotels and smaller hotel brands. Today, however, more small hotels are discovering the benefits of a technology-forward approach. According to recent data from Oracle Hospitality, 73% of guests want hotels to implement technology that […]

How to Sell Digital Key to Skeptical Guests

How to Sell to Skeptical Guests

What do you do when a guest is hesitant about Digital Keys and would rather stick to key cards? In our experience working with hotels around the world, the majority of guests are quick to adopt Digital Key technology without hesitation. They embrace the convenience and enhanced security that come with using their phones as […]

The Best Ways to Increase Hotel Occupancy in 2022

Your hotel’s occupancy rate directly corresponds to your revenue stream, but that’s not all. If you consistently have high occupancy rates, you’ll not only be bringing in consistent revenue – you’ll also build your hotel’s reputation as a sought-after place to stay in your area.  So, do you know your hotel occupancy rate? This metric […]

The Impact of Green Tech on the Hotel Industry

The Impact of Green Tech on the Hotel Industry

After a lengthy period of lockdowns, mandates, and restrictions that altered life as we know it, the world is back on track. People are traveling again, especially for leisure. Those travelers are increasingly on the hunt for eco-friendly experiences and options. Unfortunately, those sustainable travel options aren’t always easy to find, but today’s forward-thinking hotel […]

The Eco-friendly Digital Key that will Save Hotels Money

Eco-friendly digital key that will save hotels money infographic

As the world turns eco-friendly, hospitality does too. Hotels are getting rid of plastic keycards in exchange for what is the technology of the future: Eco-friendly Digital Keys. 73% of guests prefer to skip the front desk and 60% are likely to choose a hotel that allows them to check-in from their smartphone. With OpenKey Digital […]

Forget Keycards: 6 Reasons to Stop Using Them in 2022

Forget keycards: 6 reasons to stop using them

It’s no secret: No one likes keycards. Your guests don’t enjoy using keycards, especially when they don’t work the way they’re supposed to. And your staff certainly don’t like the added work needed to recode cards after one is lost or stops working. Hotels everywhere are ditching physical keys altogether. Let’s take a look at […]

3 Ways Technology Can Help Boost Hotel Staff Retention

3 ways technology can help boost staff retention

It’s no secret that the hospitality industry is facing significant challenges with hotel staff retention and shortages. As we emerge from a global pandemic, guests are eager to travel again. Yet they are also more cognizant of safety, sanitation, and health precautions. Fortunately, with help from key technologies, hotels can improve guest satisfaction while increasing […]

6 Ways To Lower Hotel Operational Costs In 2022

6 ways to lower hotel operational costs

Cutting down on operational costs could significantly boost your hotel’s bottom line. With prolonged, slow recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitality markets across the United States are getting more crowded than ever before. Simply put, at any given destination throughout the country, there are more hotel rooms and short-term rentals than ever before. Online price […]


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