The Eco-friendly Digital Key that will Save Hotels Money

Eco-friendly digital key that will save hotels money infographic

As the world turns eco-friendly, hospitality does too. Hotels are getting rid of plastic keycards in exchange for what is the technology of the future: Eco-friendly Digital Keys. 73% of guests prefer to skip the front desk and 60% are likely to choose a hotel that allows them to check-in from their smartphone. With OpenKey Digital […]

Hotel Automation that Improves Guest Reviews & Cuts Cost [infographic]

Like all other industries, technology is having a major impact on hospitality. If your hotel doesn’t seize the latest and greatest opportunities, your brand may lose a lot more than market share, as most of these technologies are designed to help you improve efficiency – and your bottom line. The OpenKey infographic below illustrates six […]

Hotel Technology Trends: Mobile Key [Infographic]

Expectations of hotel guests are changing. They want convenience without sacrificing security. They want a personalized experience on their own terms – and if your hotel cannot meet those expectations, they will often seek out a brand that can. Mobile key technology personifies the intersection of convenience and security that will be commonplace throughout the […]

Omni-Channel Strategies for Hotel Guest Communication [eBook]

OpenKey Omni-Channel Strategy for Hotel Guest Communication Image

The modern hotel industry is posed with the challenge of effectively communicating with a younger, digital-savvy customer base while still providing the service and traditional models that guests expect and demand. In our eBook, Omni-Channel Strategies for Hotel Guest Communication, OpenKey has compiled the different components of a comprehensive Omni-Channel strategy that allow hotels to […]

Best Practices for Reducing Risk of Hotel Cybersecurity Threats [infographic]

Aside from panic attacks and sleepless nights, a deluge of frightening cyber security statistics accomplishes very little if it’s not accompanied by actionable items to better prepare your organization. This is why we teamed up with cyber defense experts Armor and Venza to create an infographic that summarizes some critical best practices to strengthen your security […]

Hotel Cybersecurity Threats and How to Handle a Data Breach [infographic]

Unlike your guests, the bad guys never rest. They don’t need power naps after a day of sightseeing and rarely pause to catch their breath. In other words, cyber threats are persistent and relentless, requiring preparation and real-world solutions. As a mobile key provider for hotels, cybersecurity is top priority for OpenKey and we have built […]


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