Unlock hotel keyless entry for your guests

OpenKey has simplified hotel keyless entry by unifying hardware and software into an integrated system that seamlessly connects hoteliers to their guests. 

As the leading provider of hotel keyless entry, OpenKey allows your guests to unlock rooms with a mobile key, saving them time — and saving you money.

OpenKey Mobile Digital Key Access to Hotel Room
Customers using OpenKey


Offer end-to-end contactless experiences and increase operational flexibility.

When it comes to guest satisfaction, efficiency, and cost savings, Digital Key is an easy win for almost any hotel. If you’re looking for ways to save and reallocate budget to areas with greater ROI, and if you want to boost your reputation with guests while improving sustainability, Digital Key is the way to go.

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Solutions for any scenario.​

Oasis Resort Digital Key on OpenKey App


Seamless contactless technology
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Easily upgrade your existing locks
Acculock and OpenKey Keyless Door Lock


Brand new Digital Key locks


The most popular
hotel keyless entry app

Available for both iOS and Android to make Digital Key easy and free for guests. Download it now >

OpenKey App on Oasis Resort and Spa Plano Dining Tab


All the hotel info you need, all in one place

Throughout your guests in-app experience, they can use the OpenKey app to access important information such as wifi information, hotel amenities,  and they can even make on-site dinner reservations within the app. Because everything can be easily updated, it results in fewer trips to the front desk.  Integration with third-party platforms also allows hotels to add direct messaging to the front desk, giving your guest even more control over their experience. Not only does this help increase staff efficiency, but it also increases guest satisfaction.

Our Partner Integrations

By working closely with other hotel technology vendors, we provide seamless integration with the leading PMS and lock companies as well as other hotel solutions. As a result, your hotel can benefit from increased staff efficiency, while empowering hotel staff and guests.


Complete control over guest hotel keyless entry

OpenKey Host Integrated with Digital Key

FRictionless operations

Take control like never before

At the heart of the OpenKey platform is the HOST front desk system. HOST can be used to provision, issue, revoke and change settings on mobile keys. In addition, HOST can be used as a stand-alone system for issuing Digital Keys, or it can be integrated with the hotel PMS platform.

A complete solution

Get your existing locks ready for hotel keyless entry or upgrade to the latest lock technology with our OpenKey Hardware.


Connects seamlessly with all your systems in real time with backed-up and secure software.

Automated Digital Key delivery

OpenKey has integrated with every major PMS provider to make automated Digital Hotel Key delivery easy and intuitive.

Contactless from end-to-end

Allow your guests to go straight to their room upon arrival by combining mobile checkin and secure Digital Keys.

Highgate Hotels Park Central Digital Key


Digital key allows us to customize the guest experience for each hotel easily,” said Joseph Falco, the Director of Business Intelligence at HighGate Hotels.” In addition, The software was able to work with the multiple lock hardware system that Highgate properties deploy.



Hotel Keyless Entry Eliminates Millions Of Plastic Keycards

Offering guests the benefits of digital key at your hotel is not only good for business, but it’s also good for the environment. Guests no longer have to use wasteful keycards, but can use their smartphone as their room key. Check out the facts about hotel keyless entry and how much better it is for the planet by downloading the infographic below.

Planet Earth First Flyer Plastic Keycards Elimination

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