Add Mobile Key To The Locks You Have Now

New Universal BLE Upgrade Module

Installs In Minutes

Fast, easy installation means hotels can add keyless entry in minutes, not months.


The upgrade module makes any guestroom lock mobile key capable while maintaining the plastic keycard functionality

Battery Life Check

Always on cloud-based battery life check functionality, keeps you updated consistently.

No Wake Up

No need to touch the smartphone to the lock to 'wake it up' - the upgrade module allows guests to unlock the door upon approach

Private & Secure

Two-factor authentication provides an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorized entry - the safest form of room access

Quick & Easy Installation

Plug & Play
3 Minute Installation

The OpenKey Universal BLE Module is designed to make installation a snap.

We’ve developed simple plug-and-play wire harnesses that create instant, secure mobile key capability for the guestroom lock.

Upgrade Your Hotel Locks

Works with all forms of hotel guestroom Locks

The OpenKey Universal Upgrade Module adds digital key capability to any hotel lock – extending the life of magstripe and RFID locks while adding the benefit of keyless entry.

Find out how easy it is to upgrade your existing locks to mobile key – contact an OpenKey representative today.

Universal Module Programmer

Program (and update) Locks in Seconds

With the Universal Module Programmer you can set-up your BLE modules after installation and test them in one easy to use interface.

The programmer also includes step-by-step installation videos and is used to periodically update module firmware.


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