Tech Specifications


The BLE Upgrade Module has an advanced feature set and easily integrates with any electronic guestroom locks, adding cost-effective mobile key capability.

Cloud based battery life check functionality

Yes, Cloud-based platform for unparalleled security – digital keys are refreshed each use, facilitating instant deactivation and preventing fraudulent duplication

Two Factor Authentication Security

Yes, Dedicated security chip for fast, secure processing of digital keys

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient design utilizes BLE and provides feedback on lock battery level

Touchless Mobile Key Experience
No need to hold the phone to the lock

Lock Type

Maintains plastic keycard capabilities – RFID or Magstripe


BLE Range
2.4 – 2.48 Ghz


3.5 – 6.5V


36mm x 27mm x 8mm


-40 to +85 Celsius

What's Included

Modules come pre-configured with the proper wire harness for quick and easy plug-and-play installation.

Quick start guide

Wire harneses available for the 10 most common locks in hotels. Installation video and quick guide ships with modules.

Free test app

Provisions in 1 Minute with OpenKey Setup & Test app available for Android scan module QR code, assign to room number and test.


-20º – 60º Celcius

Easy Installation

Network of Trained and Certified Professional Installers

Modules Installed and programmed in just minutes per door

Every Module ships pre-configured with the proper wire harness based on lock module