ONe step to digital keys

Upgrade the locks you already have

Prolong the life of the locks you have and make them future-proof by adding OpenKey’s Digital Key technology through our plug-and-play BLE Upgrade Module.


It's easier than ever to offer
Digital Key to your guests


Installs in just three
to five minutes.

Find out more about why our Universal BLE Module is the best decision you can make.


Enjoy a feature-rich product

  • Installs in minutes

    Fast, easy installation means hotels can add Digital Key in minutes, not months.

  • Amazing battery life

    Always on cloud-based battery life check functionality, eliminates guest lockouts from dead batteries.

  • Private and secure

    Two-factor authentication provides the most secure Digital Key available today.

  • Universally awesome

    Make any guest room lock Digital Key ready, while maintaining the plastic keycard functionality.


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“We have a number of different locking systems throughout the portfolio. As a result we needed to find a provider that was able to add digital key to those existing locks without requiring us to replace any hardware. OpenKey was able to add its BLE upgrade module to all of our properties, making them capable of digital key usage, for a fraction of the cost quoted by other providers. We were able to use our existing locks, and the system was operational within a few weeks.”


Ready to add Digital Key to your hotel?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the OpenKey BLE Upgrade Module is Universal and will work with any digital hotel guestroom lock, including magstripe, while not interfering with the plastic keycard functionality. The only type of lock the BLE Upgrade Module will not upgrade is a hard key (cylinder) lock that uses a physical metal key.

Installation of the OpenKey Universal BLE Upgrade Module is fast and easy. You can find a video installation guide here for your specific lock type. The Upgrade Module comes with a wire harness that simply plugs into the battery and motor of the guestroom lock. The module is small enough to fit within the existing shell of the lock body so there is no external installation required. Once installed, the module is programmed to recognize the specific room number or general area type (ie, fitness room, pool, etc) so it can be controlled by the HOST mobile key management platform at the front desk.

OpenKey Universal BLE Upgrade Modules are $49 each. View full pricing >

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