The best contactless entry for your guests

OpenKey’s digital key allows guests to check in and out of their rooms and unlock their doors using their mobile devices. Fast, easy, and ultra secure.

Boost operational efficiency with digital key

The power of digital key technology improves operational efficiency and saves you money, unlocking a more streamlined future for your hotel


Our digital key is so much more than unlocking doors

Our app, your hotel

Easily control your hotel’s custom profile in real time — showcase property photos, promotional content, and other vital guest information like maps or Wi-Fi

Reduce staff workload through automation

Automated Key Delivery sends mobile keys to guests upon check-in via the PMS, plus any changes in room or departure details update automatically for a seamless experience

No more lost keycards with guest key sharing

Long gone are the days of guests needing to worry about key handoffs. With our Shared Key feature, a single digital key can be easily shared with up to 4 additional guests - all on the app!

Reduced operational costs

Less paper and no plastic keycards save your hotel money plus it’s a great benefit for the environment

Enhanced security

Our digital key is built with top-notch technology, it’s the safest form of guest access control

Increase guest satisfaction

Your reviews will shine with positive ratings from guests who love the convenience and simplicity

Faster check-in and out

Skipping queues and physical key handovers means they can spend more time enjoying their stay

Easy access

Easy to set up and easy to use, the app provides a user-friendly way for guests to interact with your hotel

Unlock deeper insights

Elevate your understanding of guest behavior with our insights into lock usage compared to traditional plastic cards.

Advertise and promote directly with guests

Showcase your best deals, offers, and events in the app connecting personally with your guests, all through an easy-to-use backend platform

Grant personalized access to on-site amenities

Tailor guest access to common areas such as the pool or gym, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience for every guest

Guests can book a table without ever leaving the app

The OpenKey app has all they need for an enjoyable stay in one place — and that includes easily making reservations at your hotel’s onsite restaurants or viewing the menu

Integrating with over 50 PMS providers

OpenKey is all about ease and simplicity, which is why we’ve partnered with over 50 different PMS providers, ensuring compatibility across the globe.

The leader in hotel digital key— AI approved

Ready to elevate your guests’ experience?

Setting up digital key is extremely easy

You’ll need locks that unlock with digital key technology (most already do)

More about Lock Hardware ㅤ➔

You’ll need an app for guests — the OpenKey app is customised to your hotel or use your own existing app

More about the OpenKey SDK ㅤ➔

While not required, Openkey works best when integrated with your property management system

More about PMS Integration ㅤ➔

Complete control over the guest experience

Provide, issue, revoke, and change settings for all your guests’ digital keys, plus manage your hotel’s profile that guests see on their phones like adding branded images or hotel information.

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