The Impact of Green Tech on the Hotel Industry

The Impact of Green Tech on the Hotel Industry

After a lengthy period of lockdowns, mandates, and restrictions that altered life as we know it, the world is back on track. People are traveling again, especially for leisure. Those travelers are increasingly on the hunt for eco-friendly experiences and options. Unfortunately, those sustainable travel options aren’t always easy to find, but today’s forward-thinking hotel […]

Is Self-Service the New Guest Experience?

Is self service the new guest experience

The hotel guest experience traditionally relies on exceptional staff services. From the front desk, concierge, room service, and amenities throughout the hotel, services were requested by guests and fulfilled by individuals. This type of guest experience was based on human touch – and it delighted guests. Hospitality is defined by these relationship-based interactions. But the […]

Is The Hotel Front Desk Really Necessary?

According to a recent post by TripSavvy, “hotels not honoring a reservation” and “rude or unpleasant staff” both rank among the Top 10 most common problems hotel guests cite when giving poor reviews on social media.  A quick internet search of “Terrible hotel front desk staff” delivers over 250,000,000 responses with most being TripAdvisor reviews […]

Hotels Are Not Meeting Guests’ Desires For Mobile Solutions

Being able to meet guests’ needs is essential but challenging for hotels in a culture that is becoming more accustomed to receiving services via mobile. This on-demand culture is driving hotel guests’ demands and expectations. As a recent survey demonstrated, other industries are utilizing mobile solutions while the hospitality industry lags behind. The 2018 Customer […]


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