The Impact of Green Tech on the Hotel Industry

The Impact of Green Tech on the Hotel Industry

After a lengthy period of lockdowns, mandates, and restrictions that altered life as we know it, the world is back on track. People are traveling again, especially for leisure. Those travelers are increasingly on the hunt for eco-friendly experiences and options. Unfortunately, those sustainable travel options aren’t always easy to find, but today’s forward-thinking hotel […]

OpenKey Expands Partnership With Okkami to Resell Digital Key Technology

OpenKey Expands Partnership With Okkami to Resell Digital Key Technology

DALLAS, June 2nd, 2022– OpenKey, the industry standard for universal Digital Key technology in hotels, today announced expansion of its partnership with OKKAMI, a world leader in digital guest engagement, empowering OKKAMI to resell OpenKey’s world-class Digital Key technology.   This newly defined partnership will allow OKKAMI to improve guest experiences and staff efficiency for hundreds of hospitality […]

The Eco-friendly Digital Key that will Save Hotels Money

Eco-friendly digital key that will save hotels money infographic

As the world turns eco-friendly, hospitality does too. Hotels are getting rid of plastic keycards in exchange for what is the technology of the future: Eco-friendly Digital Keys. 73% of guests prefer to skip the front desk and 60% are likely to choose a hotel that allows them to check-in from their smartphone. With OpenKey Digital […]

Transitioning towards a keyless future with Digital Key

Transitioning towards a keyless future

Why should your hotel make the switch from keycards to Digital Key? Let’s take a look at the numbers. According to a recent Pew Research survey, 95% of adults in the U.S. aged 30-49 own a smartphone. Among older adults, 83% of people aged 50-64 are smartphone owners, and unsurprisingly, 96% of people in the […]

How to Set Your Hotel Ahead of the Competition with Innovation

How hotel innovation will put you on top blog

How to Set Your Hotel Ahead of the Competition with Innovation How can you set your hotel apart from the competition? The key to success may be simpler than you think. With the right tech innovations, you can create a 21st century experience that’s seamless and luxurious – with details that your guests won’t soon […]

What to include for Pre-Arrival Hotel Communications for Guests

What To Include In Pre-Arrival Hotel Communications

What should you include in your hotel’s pre-arrival hotel communications to guests? At a minimum, you need to confirm your guests’ reservations and give them a friendly reminder of any policies or anything else that may impact their stay. But these details are just that: the minimum. Pre-arrival communications give you an opportunity to enhance […]

8 Tips for Helping Guests and Staff Adopt Contactless Technology

For decades, hotel’s have been increasingly leveraging technology to delight their guests and improve operational performance. Today, to adopt contactless technology is fundamental to departments across the hotel, whether it’s for recruiting, inventory, accounting, food and beverage, or property management. And in the last several years this trend accelerated as cloud and SaaS technologies made […]

Which Contactless Trends Are Here to Stay?

Which Contactless Trends Are Here to Stay? Whatever trend forecasts the hospitality industry had for 2020, few remained relevant after March. Sustainable travel, for instance, is now securely on the back burner. And for those trends that did bear out, like adoption of more digital amenities, literally no one predicted the motivation of the trend’s […]

How to Automate Your Hotel and Excite Your Guests

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin As the travel and hospitality industry continues to move towards a more automated future, hotel owners and managers are adapting to keep up with the latest hotel technology. Those hoteliers who want to believe hotel technology isn’t changing the way guests interact with hotels need only […]

How Hotels Can Gain a Competitive Advantage With The Right Technology

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin The history of technology is littered with fancy terminology and buzzwords. But while innovations like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and voice activation may receive a lot of hype, they can also deliver a fundamental shift in the environments in which we live, work and rest. Both […]


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