Is The Hotel Front Desk Really Necessary?

According to a recent post by TripSavvy, “hotels not honoring a reservation” and “rude or unpleasant staff” both rank among the Top 10 most common problems hotel guests cite when giving poor reviews on social media.  A quick internet search of “Terrible hotel front desk staff” delivers over 250,000,000 responses with most being TripAdvisor reviews […]

8 Simple Safety Tips For Hotel Managers

Hotel managers have more things to focus on today than ever before.  Perhaps none more important than guest safety and security. Fortunately, advancements in hotel technology are aiding in keeping guests and staff safe while deterring criminals. To help make sure the basics are covered, we’ve pulled together a quick reference list of eight safety […]

How Significant is the Plastic Problem in Hospitality?

Single-use plastic products have always provided convenience and economy. After all, plastic products are cheap, durable and address the most basic hygienic concerns. Plastic products are especially apparent in the hospitality industry due to guest’s expectations of convenience and immediacy. However, this universal use of and dependence on single-use plastic comes at a serious environmental […]

How to Automate Your Hotel and Excite Your Guests

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin As the travel and hospitality industry continues to move towards a more automated future, hotel owners and managers are adapting to keep up with the latest hotel technology. Those hoteliers who want to believe hotel technology isn’t changing the way guests interact with hotels need only […]

How to Engage With Millennials Using Hotel Technology

Millennials today have surpassed Baby Boomers as the largest demographic on earth, making them one of the hospitality industry’s most important and valuable segments. That being said, there are a few distinct differences between the millennial-aged population, ranging in ages 22 to 37, compared to their slightly older predecessors. One of the most distinct differences […]

Why Keyless Guest Entry is a ‘Must Have’ For Your Hotel

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Traditionally, checking in to a hotel requires going to the front desk, showing ID and providing a credit card for room charges and incidentals. Once guests are identified and all of their questions are answered, they’re provided with a plastic magstripe keycard and pointed towards the […]


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