Is The Hotel Front Desk Really Necessary?

According to a recent post by TripSavvy, “hotels not honoring a reservation” and “rude or unpleasant staff” both rank among the Top 10 most common problems hotel guests cite when giving poor reviews on social media.  A quick internet search of “Terrible hotel front desk staff” delivers over 250,000,000 responses with most being TripAdvisor reviews […]


Facebook Twitter Google-plus Linkedin As the hospitality industry experiences one of its largest growth periods, hotels around the world are increasingly faced with challenges such as implementing value upgrades, staying ahead of the competition and maintaining a high level of room occupancy. Of course, that’s much easier said than done. Keeping up with competitors and […]

5 Hotels Taking Keyless Guest Entry to the Next Level With OpenKey

Driven by millennials and other technology-loving guests, the interest in hotel mobile keyless entry is starting to peak. Forward-thinking hoteliers are increasingly adopting this immersive approach towards a more tech-enhanced guest experience across their hotel establishments. What makes keyless guest entry so attractive for the hospitality industry? In a nutshell, implementing mobile key technology provides […]

Successfully Training Hotel Employees on New Technology

OpenKey Jan 30, 2019 2:56:37 PM   Implementing a new technology comes with a unique set of challenges. Often, one of the biggest hurdles hotels have to overcome is training employees to use the technology properly. And if your team is not committed to adopting a new solution, it could end up wasting your hotel […]

The Evolution of Hotel Keys

OpenKey Dec 21, 2018 11:05:00 AM The history of hotel keys stretches back nearly as far as civilization itself. While key technology has changed over time, our desire for safety and security remains constant. In our industry, these concerns can guide which hotel a guest will choose. Below, we’ve outlined this history from ancient times […]


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