How Much ROI Can Hoteliers Make With Digital Keys?

how to maximize hotel digital key ROI

As hoteliers explore and consider new technologies and emerging contactless and digital trends, it’s natural to first ask: What sort of return on my investment can I expect? When it comes to hotel digital key technology adoption, answering that initial question calls for a broad understanding of what is involved in the implementation process and […]

8 Simple Safety Tips For Hotel Managers

Hotel managers have more things to focus on today than ever before.  Perhaps none more important than guest safety and security. Fortunately, advancements in hotel technology are aiding in keeping guests and staff safe while deterring criminals. To help make sure the basics are covered, we’ve pulled together a quick reference list of eight safety […]

5 Hotels Taking Keyless Guest Entry to the Next Level With OpenKey

Driven by millennials and other technology-loving guests, the interest in hotel mobile keyless entry is starting to peak. Forward-thinking hoteliers are increasingly adopting this immersive approach towards a more tech-enhanced guest experience across their hotel establishments. What makes keyless guest entry so attractive for the hospitality industry? In a nutshell, implementing mobile key technology provides […]


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