Take Your Hospitality Business to the Next Level with These Must-Have Technology Upgrades

Technology is changing the landscape of small business ownership including the hospitality business. Businesses are using technology to cut costs, improve efficiency, and send profits to new heights. But for some business owners, there’s one big problem with going high-tech: the cost. This is especially true in the hospitality industry where margins are razor thin. […]

5 Hotels Taking Keyless Guest Entry to the Next Level With OpenKey

Driven by millennials and other technology-loving guests, the interest in hotel mobile keyless entry is starting to peak. Forward-thinking hoteliers are increasingly adopting this immersive approach towards a more tech-enhanced guest experience across their hotel establishments. What makes keyless guest entry so attractive for the hospitality industry? In a nutshell, implementing mobile key technology provides […]

3 Major Travel and Hospitality Tech Fails

Almost every week we read or hear about a new startup in the travel tech and hospitality industry that’s set to reshape guest engagement. In fact, just a quick look at the ‘Travel’ section on angel.co will bring up dozens of new startups being listed under this category. But how many of them will be […]

The Evolution of Hotel Keys

OpenKey Dec 21, 2018 11:05:00 AM The history of hotel keys stretches back nearly as far as civilization itself. While key technology has changed over time, our desire for safety and security remains constant. In our industry, these concerns can guide which hotel a guest will choose. Below, we’ve outlined this history from ancient times […]


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