Unlock contactless, mobile keyless entry for your guests

OpenKey has simplified Digital Key technology by unifying hardware and software into an integrated system that seamlessly connects hoteliers to their guests.
OpenKey Mobile Digital Key Access to Hotel Room


Offer end-to-end contactless experiences and increase operational flexibility.

Allow guests to check in and out of their rooms, and unlock their doors, with the OpenKey app. It’s the fastest and easiest way to give guests access to their room – it’s the most secure and efficient way as well.


Guests love it and so will you


The most popular
keyless entry app

Available for both iOS and Android to make Digital Key easy and free for guests. Download it now >

OpenKey App on Oasis Resort and Spa Plano Dining Tab


Digital Key offers great advantages

It's the most secure form of room access

Promote amenities through the app

Automate Digital Key delivery to guests

Guests can share their Digital Key

Reduction in plastic key card usage


Here’s what you need to know about getting set up for Digital Key

Allow guests to check in and out of their rooms, and unlock their doors, with a mobile app. It’s the fastest and easiest way to give guests access to their room – it’s the most secure and efficient way as well.

Guestroom locks use Bluetooth to communicate with a smartphone. You can add Bluetooth capability to the locks you have now with the OpenKey Universal BLE Upgrade Module.

You can add mobile key capability to your existing branded app with the OpenKey Universal Abstraction Layer SDK or use the popular OpenKey digital key app available for both iOS and Android at no cost.

Manage your guest mobile keys from the OpenKey HOST platform or integrate HOST key management functionality into your existing PMS.

Choose from the economical options of either PMS Integrated or non-integrated mobile key service to suit your guest needs and property budget.


Complete control over guest Digital Key access

OpenKey Host Integrated with Digital Key

FRictionless operations

Take control like never before

At the heart of the OpenKey platform is the HOST front desk system used to provision, issue, revoke and change settings on mobile keys. HOST can be used as a stand-alone system for issuing Digital Keys or it can be integrated with the hotel PMS platform.

A complete solution

Make your existing locks Digital Key-ready or upgrade to the latest lock technology with OpenKey hardware.


OpenKey connects seamlessly with all your systems in real time with backed-up and secure software.

Automated Digital Key delivery

We have integrated with every major PMS provider to make automated Digital Key delivery easy and intuitive.

Contactless from end-to-end

Allow your guests to go straight to their room upon arrival by combining mobile check-in with secure Digital Keys.


Integrate OpenKey with your existing app


Give your hotel app the
power of Digital Key

Hotels also have the option of integrating the OpenKey SDK into their own app to provide Digital Key capability.


Digital Key Eliminates Millions Of Plastic Keycards

Offering guests the benefits of digital key at your hotel is not only good for business, it’s good for the environment. Check out the facts about digital key and how much better it is for the planet by downloading the infographic below.

Planet Earth First Flyer Plastic Keycards Elimination

Frequently Asked Questions

You can always get a hard key from the front desk. Once your phone is charged, your key will still be there when you get back.

OpenKey uses 128-bit encryption code within the app, making Digital Key the most secure method of guest room access.

Your mobile number is required in order for OpenKey to provision a digital key to your smartphone. Your mobile number is also used as a security measure to prevent unauthorized distribution of digital keys.

Currently, most iOS and Android devices are able to utilize OpenKey application. All iOS devices with iOS version of 10 and higher and Android devices with Android version 6.0 and higher are compatible.

  • This is a common request often faced by the Front Desk Agents at our client hotels.  Team members can issue both traditional key cards and digital keys for the same reservation as long as they understand the following criteria:

    • Digital keys will always act at the “Main” or “Master” keys, which will cancel out any other existing key for the room.
    • Digital keys are not finalized until the guest DOWNLOADS the key to their device.
    • RFID keys must be made as “Additional” or “Joiner” keys after the digital key has been issued and downloaded by the guest.
    • If issuing both types of key at check-in, team members should inform the guest that the traditional key will need to be reprogrammed once they download their key.

Guests will need to have WiFi or data service to download the OpenKey app on their smartphone. The OpenKey app is where the Digital Key will be stored. Depending on what type of lock the hotel is using, the guest may need WiFi during the stay to access their digital key. In some cases the digital key will be stored as a secure token on the phone and won’t require internet or data access to use. 

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